Frequently Asked Questions.
As well as proofreading, will you edit my work?
  As part of the proofreading service, we will edit your work so that it makes complete sense. However, we will not help you write your assignment or thesis. What we will do is ensure that the English is of the highest possible quality.
What if I dont like what you have done with my work?
  We are so sure of the quality of our proofreading that if you are unsatisfied we will give you your money back.
Is it safe to pay electronically?
  The payment system used by Academic Proofreading is entirely safe.
Can I send you hard copy of my work for proofreading?
  No. The reason why we can charge so little for our proofreading services is that electronic transmission is fast, efficient and cheap.
How quickly will you return my work?
  Work will be returned within three working days for a short piece of work (e.g. a 3000 word assignment.). An extended piece of work (e.g. a 70,000 word thesis) will be returned within seven working days. We feel that if we return a piece of work any sooner than this, the quality of the proofreading will suffer.
Where can I find Academic Proofreading's Terms & Conditions.
  CLICK HERE for a full list of our Terms & Conditions.
How do I find out how many words my document contains?
  The majority of text editing software have a facility to supply the total number of words in a document. Since a large percentage of our submissions are files created using Microsoft Word, we'll explain the procedure here. Open your file in MS Word, then click 'Tools' in the menu bar, and then 'Word Count' from the drop down menu. This will give you the total word count for your document.
Does it matter how large my submission is?
  We have no problem with the number of words your submission contains. However, due to bandwidth limitations, it is sometimes necessary (with files exceeding 8Mb) to remove all images from a document to achieve a realistic file size.

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